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what an excellent day for a(nother) series renewal

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when a TV series based on The Exorcist was announced last year, i was initially skeptical…after all, it’s a classic in both print and visual form and with the over-saturation of remakes and reboots infiltrating the entertainment industry, i feared it’s reputation would be slathered in pea soup. but when the pilot episode aired last September, i was pleasantly surprised and drawn in just as i was with the small screen version of Damien. but while the latter was sadly cancelled after one season, the former has been renewed for a second run. the first season’s highlight was the surprise return of Regan (and to a lesser extent, Chris) MacNeil. there are no details yet as to the plot for season 2, but for everyone who was curious as to whether the show would return, it looks like those prayers have been answered. amen!

hurts so good

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farewell, faithful Storyteller

(other)worldly possessions

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you know those Person of the Year stories featured in magazines? well, for 2016 the individual who graced more front covers than anyone else was the Grim Reaper, thanks to an overabundance of celebrities passing on. so it should come as no surprise that this year has started off with another bright star fading, and it’s one whose work left a frightening mark in both literature and cinema. he’s with Father Merrin and Father Karras now.


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“so long, Old Bill”

new year scares

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with a new year comes new film releases, many of which are long-awaited (in other words, anything that has to do with comic books). i can’t say i know a whole lot about Marvel or DC, so i’ll skip those for now (unless, of course Loki is in it). so far, the only current release that has piqued my interest is A Monster Callsi finished the book in about two weeks, and loved it. reviews have been glowing, but bringing Kleenex is a necessity.

speaking of monsters…while the title character in the above film is viewed with awe and admiration, there are others cinematic beasts who will be less encouraging or friendly when they grace big screens. Blumhouse has produced a list of 28 horror films coming out in 2017. some of their choices i am either indifferent to or have no interest in, but the few that stand out include the ironically-titled A Cure For Wellness (which features a sedate-yet-creepy cover of The Ramones’ “I Want To Be Sedated“), Alien: Covenant (welcome back, Ridley Scott), and of course….a certain “towering” inferno*.




*still waiting for the trailer.

old habits (hobbits) die hard

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15 years ago today, The Fellowship Of The Ring graced moviegoers with its presence, setting the stage for what would become one of the highest-grossing film series of all time…and yet, it still feels like yesterday. in fact, here’s the very first trailerah, memories

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…and who knew it would have led to a thousand Sean Bean memes!

holy cold creeps, Batman!

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has the impending doom of holiday music taken hold of your mind/body/soul yet (after all, it did start right after the Halloween decorations came down so there was plenty of time for it to sink in)? fear not, for there is a solution to the December holiday insanity: a new film from the folks at Blumhouse Productions about possession (because we all feel like we’ve been possessed after hearing “Let It Snow” for the billionth time while standing in line to buy organic salad mix)! at first glance, Incarnate looks like any other exorcism film released at an odd time of year that isn’t October: levitating bodies, possessed kids, etc. etc. but unlike the standard trope of fighting the good fight with faith, it is science that takes the lead this time as an exorcist (Aaron Eckhart) taps into the subconscious mind of a tormented boy who’s possessed by a demon. in other words, it’s The Exorcist meets Inception…or something along those lines. it’s certainly a new take on an old style. as an added bonus, the boy in question is none other than young Bruce Wayne! he’s only a teenager, but running a billion-dollar family enterprise, fighting crime (well, he hasn’t quite reached that point yet on Gotham, demonic possession…it’s all in a day’s work.


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“i’m Batman…or i will be, once my voice deepens”



lord of the biopics

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biopics can be tricky; a filmmaker really needs to know their subject well by doing their homework. whether the person in question is a president, musician, or athlete, the people whose opinions matter the most are the fans…and if they don’t like what they see, they’ll be very disappointed in how their hero or heroine is portrayed. it seems most historical figures (whether they are currently living or deceased) have received the biopic treatment, but there are a few who have yet to get their turn on the big screen. one of those just happens to be one of my favorite people, who has been blogged about several times over the years (he does provide some great conversation pieces, after all).

now that there will be no more journeys to New Zealand (or at least, not anytime soon), it’s only fitting that the man behind the grey rain curtain is getting his own story adapted into a motion picture. while it’s still too early to determine who will play the Professor, there is a director in place…”and that is an encouraging thought!”



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“Edith, we’re getting our own movie!”