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Goth’s not dead…it’s just matured

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despite its association with doom and gloom, Goth is alive and well…or at least is a little more mature. there was a time when Goth was considered youthful, with its “sleep all day, party all night, never grow old” mentality. but since most folks are not members of the Lost Boys they eventually get jobs, have families, pay mortgages, etc. but hey, we can still wear black and listen to Bauhaus!

so what’s the issue? lack of fresh blood (no pun intended). while it’s great that many folks who were teens and 20-somethings during the Goth heyday of the 80’s or the 90’s revival are still enjoying the music and managing to venture out to events when feasible, the younger generation just doesn’t seem to take much notice of it. one factor might be the economy…because let’s face it, having fun costs money. yet there are plenty of free or low-cost events taking place to alleviate this concern. another might be feeling out of place in a crowd full of 35 to 50-somethings who often reminisce about the good ol’ days. in addition, a lot of cities just aren’t hot beds for Goth as they used to be…Los Angeles and New Orleans are still going strong, as are Berlin & London. but places like New York have fallen behind in recent years, due to rising rents and declining attendance. still, those who are loyal will be around for many years to come.


send me an earworm

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there are many songs that are instantly recognized by just a few notes…like this. or how about this one? and who can forget this classic? well, one song that won’t die is finally getting the coverage it deserves after nearly 35 years of infiltrating our brains….and that’s a wonderful thing. y’all know the words, y’all have danced to it a zillion times at clubs (i know i have). you’ve even heard countless cover versions of it (my favorite is this little known gem from the late 90’s). here’s hoping this song continues its long reign as one of the greatest ear-worms of all time!

the many moods of the moodboard

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twice upon a time, i was one of those people who assembled collages with various images and words. mine were mostly comprised of favorite bands, assorted Goth models from Propaganda Magazine (the Winter 1999 issue is still in tact and like any good professional archivist, i sealed it in plastic for preservation purposes because the magazine is no longer in print), and random quotes i pieced together. years later, it turns out those amateur oak tag collages have an actual name -a moodboard- and are used quite often in web design to convey styles, themes, and ideas.

when i took Skillcrush’s Web Design blueprint, one of our assignments was to create our own moodboard. so i hearkened back to the dark days of yore and designed my project with a combination of, Google Docs, and inspiration from The Birthday Massacre (whom i love dearly). i had so much fun with this, i intend to make other moodboards for my portfolio. here is the whimsical result (which the TA loved):


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last night a DJ saved my mix

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did you have stacks of mix-tapes once upon a time? i did. some of them remain in occasional rotation, while others make me want to cringe. a few of these tapes are DJ mixes from the heyday of the US Goth scene in the late 90’s/early 00’s (this may be a cover, but it never gets old), and listening to them makes me yearn for the days before adult responsibilities set in. back then, 7 am was bedtime after a night of dancing. these days, 7 am is equated with the sound of buzzing alarm clocks. the times, they have a-changed.

so what would you do if someone dropped a whole bunch of club mix-tapes off to you…would you chuck them? or, would they serve a purpose? for Jim Hopkins, a San Francisco-based DJ, the choice veered towards the latter. Hopkins has been working on a project called the SF Disco Preservation Society, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the sounds of the SF dance scene from the 70’s through the 90’s. much of the collection has been digitized for future generations, and also serves as a nostalgic reminder for those who remember it well.

perhaps Hopkins’ unique approach to archival preservation might inspire DJ’s from other genres to follow suit. even after the morning alarm goes off, those old Goth mixes help me start my day.


Related image

..everyone dressed like Fairuza Balk


Unbread, Unbread, Unbread

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the Godfather of Goth does not approve of dinner theater.


Source: Peter Murphy is not a fan of cheeseburger eating bouncers



[author’s note: i still love him]

the prince and old lady shade

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“My 10th birthday at Stonehenge, my brother Chris and my playground on our long summers with the Sunshine Heart elder sister Shirley (Shirl). Chris and me are like twins but I cut him out of this picture for today (I’m the better looking one), and anyway it’s my birthday. I was planning to take Duncs down to the Cathedral, which had flood lights set in a dip. It had to be just after dark. Why? Because I had planned my first performance with an audience of one (Duncan). I killed it as I sang full out Jean Genie, lit up perfectly by the up beams of the super troopers flood lights which cast shadows on Salisbury Cathedral’s highest spire. Happy Birthday”  –  Peter Murphy (born on this day in 1957)

this 10 year old kid grew up to be an incredibly handsome man

required reading for Goths

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books don’t necessarily make or break our identities. we can dress one way, but our reading preferences can be the complete opposite. as a teen, i became engulfed in Goth culture and this included reading books that i felt matched the movement and its style (though i admit, i never got into The Sandman comics and have yet to read Lost Souls). since then, i’ve expanded my tastes not only in books but also in music, fashion, etc. but i still enjoy those Edgar Allen Poe short stories. the list in the linked article isn’t entirely complete, as there are several titles both past and present that fit the bill (Barry Lyga, anyone? yes, his work falls under YA Lit but one of his main characters is a Goth girl). but for now, this is a good starting-off point for anyone who wishes to know more about the darker side of reading or brush up on the classics.