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Send(ak) in the clowns

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there are plenty of authors, actors, musicians, etc. who have passed on yet they still manage to crank out bodies of work long after they’ve physically departed this world. JRRT released a best-selling book this year, despite the fact that he set sail for the Grey Havens in 1973. the more recently-deceased Maurice Sendak will also be publishing a new illustrated book set for next year…although, it’s not entirely new. it was actually conceived in 1990, but the manuscript was set aside and discovered when the author’s former assistant was sorting through Sendak’s papers following his death in 2012.

throughout his career, Maurice Sendak was no stranger to the infamous Banned Books List. several of his stories were deemed too disturbing for his target audience, but that didn’t seem to put a dent in his reputation. only time will tell if the new one, titled Presto & Zesto In Limboland, will be among those controversial classics.


does Barry Manilow know they wouldn’t dare raid his wardrobe? probably.

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The Breakfast Club is considered to be one of the most iconic films of the 1980’s. it explores the issues teens face with both humor and sincerity, and anyone who has seen it can identify with at least one, if not all, of the central characters. the film is so celebrated that a Brazilian artist dubbed Butcher Billy has designed some wonderful illustrations inspired by the classic film, featuring legendary singers of the days of yore filling in for the key players: Ian Curtis as The Brain, Morrissey as The Athlete, Siouxsie Sioux as The Basketcase, Joan Jett as The Princess, and Billy Idol as The Criminal. there are really no words to describe this ruckus, other than John Hughes would be very pleased.

Butcher Reckless Club

artwork for sale!

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here is a link to some fantastic artwork for sale. the artist is multi-talented in the fields of sculpture, commercial licensing, illustration, and movie special effects. he is also a very funny man with a vicious sense of humor, and a fondness for oddball pop culture.

additional information on the artist and his work can be found at Artist Proof Studio (see Links section).