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Goth’s not dead…it’s just matured

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despite its association with doom and gloom, Goth is alive and well…or at least is a little more mature. there was a time when Goth was considered youthful, with its “sleep all day, party all night, never grow old” mentality. but since most folks are not members of the Lost Boys they eventually get jobs, have families, pay mortgages, etc. but hey, we can still wear black and listen to Bauhaus!

so what’s the issue? lack of fresh blood (no pun intended). while it’s great that many folks who were teens and 20-somethings during the Goth heyday of the 80’s or the 90’s revival are still enjoying the music and managing to venture out to events when feasible, the younger generation just doesn’t seem to take much notice of it. one factor might be the economy…because let’s face it, having fun costs money. yet there are plenty of free or low-cost events taking place to alleviate this concern. another might be feeling out of place in a crowd full of 35 to 50-somethings who often reminisce about the good ol’ days. in addition, a lot of cities just aren’t hot beds for Goth as they used to be…Los Angeles and New Orleans are still going strong, as are Berlin & London. but places like New York have fallen behind in recent years, due to rising rents and declining attendance. still, those who are loyal will be around for many years to come.


the prince and old lady shade

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“My 10th birthday at Stonehenge, my brother Chris and my playground on our long summers with the Sunshine Heart elder sister Shirley (Shirl). Chris and me are like twins but I cut him out of this picture for today (I’m the better looking one), and anyway it’s my birthday. I was planning to take Duncs down to the Cathedral, which had flood lights set in a dip. It had to be just after dark. Why? Because I had planned my first performance with an audience of one (Duncan). I killed it as I sang full out Jean Genie, lit up perfectly by the up beams of the super troopers flood lights which cast shadows on Salisbury Cathedral’s highest spire. Happy Birthday”  –  Peter Murphy (born on this day in 1957)

this 10 year old kid grew up to be an incredibly handsome man

lego my ego

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i’ve been a fan of Killing Joke for years, and have been fortunate to see them in concert a few times. this is not a common occurrence, given that these gentlemen aren’t US citizens. so when news of a full-scale US tour broke (in recent years, they have only appeared sporadically on our shores, typically in New York or Los Angeles), there was much rejoicing…until some “unspecified health issues” (they’re not exactly spring chickens) caused the entire itinerary to be scrapped, leaving the US fans with broken hearts and fuller wallets as refunds were issued. the other day, i came across a very clever and rather cute representation of the Post-Punk pioneers as Lego figures. while it doesn’t quite make up for the tour cancellation, it does warrant a smile.


time tested

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the 1980’s brought us countless cutting edge and ahead-of-their-time artists, some of whom are still very much active today. but for every act that ascended to stardom, there were others who were doomed to toil in obscurity or were sadly branded as one-hit wonders. if you’re looking for something new-yet-old to add to your collection, give these guys a listen. i’m pleased to see that two acts i’m rather fond of, Gene Loves Jezebel and The Chameleons, made it to the list!

The Chameleons (UK)

the eternal Ian Curtis

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it’s been 35 years, but Ian has never fully left us.

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It was on this day in 1980 that Ian Curtis the lead singer of Joy Division hanged himself in the kitchen of his house in Macclesfield, England , he was only 23. Curtis had the Iggy Pop album ‘The Idiot’, playing on his stereo and left a note that said, ‘At this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can’t cope anymore.’….

Below listen to an interview that Ian gave to the BBC

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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under the april skies

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Joy Division vs The Teletubbies

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When individuals are left alone with computers pretty much anything can happen, thus I give you the Anton Corbijn inspired Teletubbies video with soundtrack from Joy Division.

I can predict a number of other videos similar to this will appear over the next few days.

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