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burnin’ for U(K)

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Punk has always been about rebellion and protest against mainstream society, especially in the United Kingdom. there are people who worship the music/lifestyle, and there are those who despise it. but one individual might have taken his disdain for it a little too far: by burning a personal collection valued at nearly 5 million pounds(!), or around $6.25M(!).

so who is this perpetrator? a fellow named Joe Corre, who happens to be the son of the late Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of the Sex Pistols. apparently, Mr. Corre feels strongly that Punk was “never meant to be nostalgic“, and thus is willing to torch a 40-year legacy over his beliefs. Corre has also been slammed by his late father’s former client, John Lydon, who had some choice words for Corre in a recent NME article.

somewhere, the ghost of Sid Vicious is weeping…or plotting revenge…or just passed out.

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the Dischord Records archive project (aka a music nerd’s dream)

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Washington DC may be the Nation’s Capital, but it’s also home to a long-storied punk and hardcore scene courtesy of Dischord Records. huge stacks of lore have been written about bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and even the humble beginnings of Monica Richards before she became everyone’s favorite Muse, thus providing fans and musicologists with a plethora of information. with that said, Dischord recently posted on its website an internship opportunity that is too good to pass up for current MLIS students or recent graduates. that’s correct…a chance to assist with cataloging, preserving, and creating finding aids for manuscript collections with a legendary independent label. applicants must be local to DC, and have some familiarity with Punk music (though both of these are kind of a given). as far as internships go, this definitely ranks high on the list of awesome ones.


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HR would apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (if he were in an MLIS program)


prime directive: educate the whole human race

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do you love libraries and classic punk? have you ever wanted to combine the two, and display it proudly? well, now you can! an Etsy shop has two awesome parody T-Shirts available on their site, so grab one for yourself or a librarian friend/family member/co-worker…and if you’re heading to this year’s ALA conference in Orlando later in the month, the proprietor of the Etsy store will be on-hand to sell these!



Category Flag t-shirt






England’s dreaming, 40 years later

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for years, people have been saying that Punk is dead. while some of its famous (and not-so famous) players may have passed onto the Great Pogo Pit in the Sky, many are still actively recording (John Lydon is a millionaire thanks to the return of Public Image Limited) as others have moved out of the spotlight to pursue less high-profile careers and start families. but they’re all together again, thanks to a new exhibition at the British Library coming in May. the world-renowned institution will mark the 40th anniversary of one of England’s finest exports with an archive chronicling those raucous years (1976-1978) that have been forever embedded into music history. the library’s popular music curator, Andy Linehan, was a teen when the Punk movement broke out in the UK, so the archive holds both cultural and personal significance. Linehan is excited about sharing the collection with those who remember it well, as well as those who were too young (or not even born yet) at the time. among the assets featured include periodicals, clothing, videos, and other assorted goodies. if you live in London, or happen to be visiting it this spring, be sure to check out the exhibit!


John Lydon endorses libraries in his own unique way



reading party tonight! alright!

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remember the American Library Association Read Campaign posters displayed just about everywhere? they featured a variety of celebrities promoting the fun and value of reading. i’ve had this one as a bookmark for the past 25 years (given to me by my then-local library), and it’s still in one piece. but for every celebrity that has been a part of the campaign, there are some who have yet to participate. here’s two that should be added to the list:


better listen to these guys. if not, they might throw a book at you.

never mind the bollocks, here’s a Punk History reading list

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i read a lot of books about music in my leisure time, whether it’s a biography of a specific artist or the history of different genres. one such style that has a large number of publications available is Punk, as noted by a recent article on Book Riot. it was one of the most important musical revolutions of the 20th Century, and it’s only fitting that volumes have been written about it in the past 35 years or so. if you’re looking for some late summer reading, look no further! most of these titles can be found online, at used bookstores, or even at your local library.

{author’s note: the most recent one i picked up is Anger Is An Energy by John Lydon. i had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lydon at a book signing several months ago. despite the public’s preconceived notion of his personality, he’s actually a pretty normal guy.}


anarchy in the library

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Washington D.C. just got a little louder, thanks to the addition of the D.C. Punk Rock Archive at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. hail to the chiefs of Dischord Records!