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a budget far greater than gold itself

Posted in Popular Culture with tags , , , , , on March 21, 2018 by phanteana

spring has sprung (well, in some parts of the country at least). it seems like only yesterday it was fall, and Amazon announced it plans to produce a small screen prequel to the “other” greatest story ever told. now that a return journey to Middle-Earth is in the works, there are still questions that need to be answered: who is directing/starring in/writing/producing the series? these queries have yet to be solved, but one thing’s for certain: it won’t be cheap. with that said, my plan is to move to New Zealand, get a job as a Hobbiton tour guide, and find a way to get cast in the production…or i could see if Weta Workshop is looking for a librarian with coding skills.


fandom and chill

Posted in Film, Popular Culture with tags , , , , on December 11, 2017 by phanteana

we’ve now reached the point where year-in-review reports start to pile in. whether in the professional or personal world, everyone has a list of goals they achieved & areas they’d like to improve in. if you’re a major streaming service, then you take note of what your subscribers are watching and how often they do so. well, one Canadian subscriber seems to be quite devoted to Middle-Earth (it’s not me, because anyone who reads this knows i’m in the US…also, i don’t have an account with said streaming service). that’s dedication…and a whole lotta bathroom breaks.


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“you really need to get outside more”

what an excellent day for a(nother) series renewal

Posted in Popular Culture with tags , , , , on May 14, 2017 by phanteana

when a TV series based on The Exorcist was announced last year, i was initially skeptical…after all, it’s a classic in both print and visual form and with the over-saturation of remakes and reboots infiltrating the entertainment industry, i feared it’s reputation would be slathered in pea soup. but when the pilot episode aired last September, i was pleasantly surprised and drawn in just as i was with the small screen version of Damien. but while the latter was sadly cancelled after one season, the former has been renewed for a second run. the first season’s highlight was the surprise return of Regan (and to a lesser extent, Chris) MacNeil. there are no details yet as to the plot for season 2, but for everyone who was curious as to whether the show would return, it looks like those prayers have been answered. amen!

i heard you on the wireless back in ’52…make that ’81

Posted in Popular Culture with tags , , , , , on August 11, 2016 by phanteana

August 1 marked the 35th anniversary of MTV (don’t you feel old just reading that?) and with it came the launch of MTV Classic, which brought back many familiar faces to our screens. the decision to add a new channel came about due in part to this momentous occasion, but also to draw back viewers who might have tuned out when the network shifted its format from music and entertainment to reality television.

the wave of nostalgia is setting in not only for MTV, but also for the early days of the Internet (we can thank all the ridiculous memes about dial-up for that)…and there’s no better way to enjoy the two together than this video from 1995 explaining the wonders of the Internet (celebrity cameos included, annoying dial-up tone need not apply)!

sympathy for the devil

Posted in Popular Culture with tags , , , on May 28, 2016 by phanteana

i don’t watch a lot of TV. in fact, i cancelled cable a few months ago and it was the best decision i ever made. as a substitute, i use Roku. it’s not only more affordable, but it has plenty of variety. one series that i was very excited about was Damienwho has been an iconic character in the world of cinematic horror for 40 years. in his own spin-off program, the title character is no longer that creepy kid who gave me nightmares. instead, he is 30 years old (and incredibly handsome, might i add) and living in New York where he works as a photographer (because even Satan has to pay the bills). he has no recollection of anything that has happened in life since his 5th birthday…that all changes while he is on assignment in Damascus, Syria. upon returning to New York, nothing is ever the same again.

although it was a re-imagining of the character, it was remarkably handled, and presented Damien in a more human light because he is, after all…human. sadly, Damien, it wasn’t all for you, as the series was cancelled after just one season. but perhaps if enough people sign the petition for renewal, he may rise again.

internet killed the video star

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the home video rental store, much like the VHS tapes they would carry, has basically died and gone to Obsolete Media Heaven. for many of us, the notion of going to rent a movie on a weekend- whether it was with our parents or our friends- holds a strong sense of nostalgia. the first home rental i can recall from my youth was this. viewing it online as opposed to using old school technology feels odd. the color is washed out, and hearing the voice of Rocky’s trainer coming out of an animated dragon is slightly unnerving in adulthood. but like many other treasured gems of the past, this is one that was found on the shelves of video stores across the country for many years. that all changed, however, when the internet took over.

these days, anything (including the aforementioned childhood staple) can be viewed online. Netflix, Hulu, and countless other streaming channels have replaced the need to drive to the nearest Blockbuster (of, if you were lucky, a more independent store such as Vulcan Video in Austin, TX or Vidiots in Santa Monica, CA) or movie theater chain. is it more cost-effective to purchase one of these services? probably. is it wonderful to have so many movies and television shows at the touch of a button? possibly. does it replace the not-so-fond memories of the film snobs working behind the counter? most likely. we can take comfort in knowing that remnants of video stores are donated to public and private libraries, thus receiving a second chance. as for those snooty video store clerks, let’s hope they’ve moved on from berating us about which is the best Kevin Smith movie.