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a budget far greater than gold itself

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spring has sprung (well, in some parts of the country at least). it seems like only yesterday it was fall, and Amazon announced it plans to produce a small screen prequel to the “other” greatest story ever told. now that a return journey to Middle-Earth is in the works, there are still questions that need to be answered: who is directing/starring in/writing/producing the series? these queries have yet to be solved, but one thing’s for certain: it won’t be cheap. with that said, my plan is to move to New Zealand, get a job as a Hobbiton tour guide, and find a way to get cast in the production…or i could see if Weta Workshop is looking for a librarian with coding skills.


remember December?

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December just isn’t the same without a new Middle-Earth film. but at least the internet still has plenty of room for JRRT until that Amazon series/biopic gets underway.



over the river & through the woods to Saruman’s house we go

there and back again?

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now that Halloween has come and gone, we now roll into the time of year where the Tolkien trailers start pouring in…oh, wait a minute…there aren’t anymore Middle-Earth films…or so i thought…

just when i thought i wouldn’t ever be making a return trip to my favorite fictional land, there comes news of a TV series in the works. in addition, the first images from behind-the-scenes of the upcoming Tolkien biopic have surfaced online. the latter will obviously be grounded in reality as opposed to fiction, but it will still be interesting to see the life of the author played out onscreen. as for the former…i’m trying really hard to be excited about this, but i’m also EXTREMELY nervous. it took decades for the films to materialize, from acquiring the rights up until post-production. everything was riding on the fate of a then-unknown director whose only claims to fame were splatter films and a ghostly comedy starring Alex P. Keaton. but as we all know, said director proved EVERYONE wrong…the same has yet to be said for what’s to come.


an unexpected (ok, not entirely) anniversary

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long before i became a librarian, i visited plenty of libraries. i borrowed tons of books, even if i never finished all of them. but one which i took out frequently and always completed is one that has withstood the test of time. it has been translated into countless languages, beloved by literary critics, librarians and voracious readers everywhere, has has been beautifully displayed in art and film countless times, and today turns 80 years old…and to think, all this from a book whose central character was created while grading exams. happy anniversary, Bilbo Baggins!



how der hobit learned der Yiddish

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ever read a book in an entirely different language? it can either be really fun or really confusing, depending on how fluent you are in said language. now, try reading a book in Yiddish…that’s correct, the old-fashioned German-esque dialect which has been popularized  in our modern culture can also be found in the pages of classic literature. perhaps people’s grandparents might have read Shakespeare in Yiddish…but did they ever read The Hobbit? they weren’t able to, until a few years ago when a computer programmer named Barry Goldstein took on the momentous task of translating JRRT’s beloved story into a language that isn’t as widely spoken in the world (unless you live in Russia, Israel, or Brooklyn), yet still holds value to a generation who read it when it was first published in 1937. you can order a copy from Amazon, however, it’s probably best not to travel to Erebor if you can’t read the map.

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“is that Yiddish or Elvish?”

indeed, it is a good Friday!

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lord of the guitar strings

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two topics that i tend to revisit on this blog are Tolkien and Metal. these two subjects seem to go hand-in-hand, as countless musicians in the genre are influenced by Tolkien’s writings…and it’s not just these guys or those equally famous Canadian dudes. there’s a whole slew of headbangers who have found inspiration in the Professor’s creations. as far as i know, it’s the only style of music that incorporates J.R.R.’s themes into its repertoire (aside from traditional Celtic tunes and some New Age soundscapes). so what makes Tolkien such a Metal icon? it’s because just like in Metal, death is a prominent fixture in Middle-Earth. the number of individuals who get knocked off throughout the books/films is rather extensive, and some characters’ passings are quite memorable. there’s even a list of the most Metal deaths in Middle-Earth, ranked from the mundane to the grandiose. though each character demise is unique, they provide fellows with long hair and all-black wardrobe with some awesomely bad-ass lyrics.